I am indy, and this is my personal blog where I try to passionately and wholeheartedly review… stuff.

What’s all this “stuff”? How about – books, movies, TV shows… for starters. You name it, and I’m on the case (along with a couple other things sprinkled in for good measure!).

Who am I? Well, I’m just a nerdy, and fully desi guy from India who loves blogging… and that’s about it really. Oh, and I thought why not share it with the world, eh? And that’s how indycritic.com came about to be. I know, it’s not a fancy name, but I like to keep things simple (kind of). And so, indy is myself (of course), and critic refers to who I like to think I am (at times).

And I also know that there are lots of other blogs/websites like these out there (which ultimately motivated me to start my own). So what makes this one any different? Well… maybe nothing at all. Or… maybe things like the following, which I will try to add in pretty much all the posts in an attempt to make it look somewhat different (hopefully!) –

  • ‘Pics/images/shots/stills’ from the “stuff” (makes for a better reading experience, no?).
  • ‘Standout quotes/dialogues’ from the “stuff” (I mean, why not?).
  • ‘References’ present in the “stuff” (for Pop Culture fans like me!).
  • Special ‘Indian references’ present in the “stuff” (for all my desi peeps!).
  • Any other ‘info/fun facts’ taken from the “stuff” (to make it a little more… interesting!).

And so… yeah! That’s pretty much it to be honest.

Also, one more important thing (how can I forget about this?). My views/opinions are mine alone, and totally honest (to the ’t’ so as to speak!). I also promise that I will always try and be non-biased to any of the “stuff” that I review at all times (best believe it!).

OH! Just one final thing before you get too bored of my blabbering (I’m hoping you aren’t already by this point though) …

This blog is STILL a work-in-progress, meaning things will keep on chopping and changing from time to time (including this very page!). Not to mention that new posts will be constantly added as well (hopefully at least a couple each month. Again, can’t make any promises as of yet, but hey, I’ll do my best!). And I personally would never, in any way, shape, or form, try to hurt/harm anyone (or their feelings) knowingly from the things that I post/review (I’m serious on this one by the way). And so…

I wish you a great day… (from wherever and whenever you’re reading this, and if you have made it this far down the whole thing) … happy reading!

Oh, and also don’t be shy to ‘Contact me for… basically anything. And also don’t forget to leave a feedback for the same, while commenting, sharing, and spreading the word if you think the content’s worth it.